Why our education?

Nowadays when the market is saturated, how to choose what is best for you and your customers? Who to trust? How do you decide on the best choice and make sure you get the best?

Our works are our ID card - see the gallery of our works on social networks, the works of our students and see for yourself the quality.

Some of the reasons why choose us and our education:

  • internationally recognized and licensed educators who are constantly improving and following world trends
  • we pass on to our students all our knowledge and tricks in order to facilitate your further work and be successful in your profession
  • during each training / seminar we dedicate 80% of our time to practice and work and 20% to theory
  • learn the latest techniques and trends so you are always one step ahead of the competition
  • professionalism in teaching and knowledge are the basis of all our educations
  • all our participants are provided with all the materials needed to work on the course
  • not only in Croatia, we hold our courses and working principle in EU countries and all over the world
  • besides Jane, we have trained high quality educators who work according to our working principle!
  • for eyelash education - educators who are at the very top in Europe will tell you all the secrets of the craft
Our trainings are the most visited because you have recognized the professionalism, knowledge and great love for this job and the constant novelties .... THANK YOU FOR YOUR TRUST!