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Duragel color base Milk! - 10ml
11,95 €
90,00 HRK
Baza & top coat

Duragel color base Milk! - 10ml

11,95 €
90,00 HRK
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📌 NOTE: The product comes in two different types of packaging, depending on which one is available at the time of order.

Duragel gel polish base in color

Perfect textures suitable for strengthening the nail and creating apex (they are not too thick or too fluid in viscosity) with a texture that adjusts by itself and speeds up the process of gel polish nails. The base is harder, but yet flexible enough for gel polish.

Milk !- a milky white pigmented covering base that can be used as alone base , or milky coat as well as for babyboomer or ombre .

Important! - Bases like Bombshell and First Love, Foundation, Milk , which don't have glitters inside - have different textures than Angel, Girl Code , Sleeping Beauty and Opal especially, which in addition to small glimmers, also have "hidden" larger glitter particles.

DuraGel color bases can be applied directly on well prepared natural nail, but for more problematic nails as well as for example glitter bases - we recommend the use of DuraGel 1 step (transparent base) in order when you do refill you don't have to remove glitters from natural nail plate.


1. Prepare the nail by pushing / removing excess cuticle.

2. Shape the natural nail and prepare it with a file (not a buffer!) Apply nail dehydrator and magic airbond.

3. If desired, apply DuraGel step 1 and "rub" well into the nail, close the free edges, cure, and continue with the selected base color by first applying a sliding layer, rubbing into the nail (do not cure) and with the second layer apply apex and create nail shape as well as the strength of the nail.

Curing time is 90 sec, only in combi uv / led lamps for at least 48W.

4. If you don't apply DuraGel step 1 as a base - DuraGel color base can be applied directly with the same preparation and in the same way with a sliding layer. We recommend working 1 by 1 nail in parallel on both hands.

5. After drying - if you have minor irregularities - you can degrease the base and gently fix the shape with fine file or buffer.

6.Apply color and shine, or leave the base alone because the colors are beautiful.

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