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Duragel pastel color base Minty Kiss - 10ml
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Duragel pastel color base Minty Kiss - 10ml

13,00 €
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About the product

Introducing our #must-have spring enchanting pastel hues in the beloved Duragel color bases.😍

Beyond the array of nude, pink, and milky bases we already offer, unlike the 'soft' buildable bases, these are completely colored! Five exquisite, soft pastel shades.✨🌸

How to use?

◾ Beneath these pigmented bases, thorough nail preparation with a nail file and priming liquids is essential, along with using Duragel step 1 clear base as the first step, providing nail protection and perfect adhesion.

◾ Duragel Pastel bases aren't as covering as regular gel polishes nor meant for full pigmentation to achieve softer translucent tones.🤩 Colors can be applied after the clear base in one or two coats (depending on desired coverage).

◾ Use as a color underneath just a top coat, build the apex (mind the thickness for polymerization), or literally as a coat on any buildable system like gel, acrygel for a completely subtle, airy look. Perfectly complements the trend of using larger and smaller glitter particles and semi-transparent effects at the nail bed.

Enjoy this perfect blend of playfulness and functionality!

Duragel gel polish color base
Perfect textures, suitable for strengthening the apex (not too thick nor too thin) with a texture that settles on the nail by itself and greatly speeds up the creation process. The base is firmer but flexible enough for gel polish and natural nail movements.🙌

Curing time is 90-120 sec. - exclusively in comby UV/LED lamps (minimum 48W).

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