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Genie in a bottle Splash me - 5ml
7,30 €
55,00 HRK
Wet n' Wave

Genie in a bottle Splash me - 5ml

7,30 €
55,00 HRK
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About the product

We hope you are ready for the new 2023 summer season. 🌊

In the sea of irresistible shades of blue, we found refreshingly beautiful colors of Genie in a bottle - Wet n' Wave - a collection that brings us a hot view of a holiday filled with cold cocktails and straw hat shades. 💦

In addition to the blue - green shades, we decided to make a contrast with coral colors Poolside heaven: Poolside heaven - Shop - Jana Nails ( that encahnce the blue with their diversity in coral shades in order to satisfy everyone's taste.

With all the neon bright colors we've had in past collections, this year we decided on colors that go well with that neon, cool madness in completely unexpected combinations.

I hope you are ready to be amazed with the new Summer 2022 collections that complement each other perfectly and can be combined for the craziest and most fashionable creations that will knock you off your feet.

Genie in a bottle is a new product that will win you over at the first smear!

A true "spirit in a bottle" that fulfills all your wishes!

Please read the instructions for use carefully before buying!

Genie in a bottle is a highly pigmented color gel (paste) of extremely high viscosity (density), which comes in a package with an ergonomic brush and is immediately ready for use.

It has exceptional coverage; it is used on processed, very well-polished builder gel.

Due to its density and completely different texture than gel polishes, it takes some time to adapt to these textures as well as the way it works. Once you love him, nothing else will be good enough for you.

Genie in a bottle is not a gel polish and is not recommended to use on a classic soft base made for gel polish.

Instructions for use:

  • Take a sufficient amount of product on the processed builder gel or acrygel with a laid brush; apply it with the brush lying down on the nail; don't press too hard with the brush, and apply it smoothly and gently on the nail. Be careful that you apply it equally on the surface and evenly spread it (middle, then sides). It is important to stretch the paint evenly so that the entire nail is perfectly smoothed and that it does not thicken on the side parts.
  • Leave it for a few seconds on the nail to be sure it is evenly applied and to be self-leveled (we recommend 2 x 2 fingers at a time and thumbs separately) before putting it into the lamp.
  • Most colors are absolutely covered in the first layer, but we always recommend two thin layers for accuracy.
  • It is mandatory to use combined UV/LED lamps with a minimum power of 48 W (GIB will not dry in weaker lamps).

All our colors from the GIB collections are made and tested only on combined UV/LED lamps with a minimum power of 48 W.

If you have a problem with creasing or dots (bubbles) of color that appear after drying, first check what kind of lamps you are working with, whether they are already for replacement, and whether they securely provide the 48 W indicated on them.

If you are sure that the lamps have strong and tested power, try to apply the colors evenly in thinner layers and allow them to self-level. If there is more paint left on the nail in certain places, those parts will polymerize less.

When you run out of your color gel, simply turn the bottle upside down, so you can use it all up.

Colors on the web and social networks may vary depending on the screen and the inability to display the same color on all devices equally.

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