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HOLLYWOOD GLAM J.-Laque set - 5 pcs
55,74 €
419,97 HRK
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HOLLYWOOD GLAM J.-Laque set - 5 pcs

55,74 €
419,97 HRK
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HOLLYWOOD GLAM - Step into the spotlight and let your nails steal the show with our irresistible classics. Inspired by timeless sophistication and temptation, this collection brings you grace, beauty and elegance fit for a true #nailqueen. Each shade is carefully crafted to capture some of the #vintageHollywoodvibes effect with a hint of modern glamour, allowing you to embellish your nails with a touch of classic beauty. Let your nails become the canvas for modern, vintage elegance, and make every manicure in the style of the golden age of Hollywood. 💎👑

#271 Velvet Gem - Flash Cat eye - flash-cat eye color gives a perfect glamorous look. The use of magnets gives a special cat eye effect, and in addition to being a cat eye, under the flash it gives a more special, festive and captivating look. #Hollywoodfame

#272 Ruby Diva - Experience the touch of glamour worthy of a diva. Alongside this shade saturated with enchanting glitter immersed in the perfect shade of red, win the eyes of the red carpet and achieve an ultimate #redcarpetlook.

#273 Diamonds Darling - for all lovers of the classic #glamlook, these sparkling white glitter can be used as a gentle coat to achieve a #softlook - or as a 2-layer coat for a #fullcoverage look.✨ This refined and timeless shade is perfect for a classy, demure look that exudes sophistication - Elegance with a touch of glamour.

#274 Marylin's Kiss - this fiery, classic red is the epitome of timeless glamour and will make your nails the leading #hotnews story. Embody the golden age of #oldHollywood and be the star of every #redcarpet glam premiere.

#275 Iconic Rouge - the one and only, most sought-after "Ferrari" red. A #musthave for all women and suitable for this time of the year. Like an A-list actress - attend every glam event in your irresistible red convertible and win over the spotlight. #OldHollywoodstyle

If you order the entire collection, it comes in a specially designed nude box. #perfectgiftbox 🎁

Unleash the red carpet drama with timeless glamour.❤💋

Complete your Hollywood look with the mini, matte lipstick - Red Temptation in the perfect #darkred color that suits all skin types & the #deepblack mini eyeliner - Caught you lookin'. Both come in the luxurious Dirty dancing set.

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