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J.-Laque #244 Cutie Pie - 10ml
11,81 €
Gel Polish Colors

J.-Laque #244 Cutie Pie - 10ml

11,81 €
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About the product

Mr. & Mrs. Brown is a collection that brings you pure enjoyment through warm brown and nude colors.

Colors are perfect shades, always trendy and can be used in any season.

In addition to brown and nude colors, we have created ten shades of glitter, which fit perfectly with the new collection Mr. & Mrs Brown.

Link for glitters: glitter Mr.Brown

By purchasing all colors, you get a lip set as a gift, lipstick and lip pencil in a cute handbag - limited edition.

J.-Laque - colors that will delight you - deep, pigmented, thick and opaque - cover certain shades in even the first layer!

Our paint texture does not leak and does not blend into the cuticle and laterals during operation, they are lightly applied - they will not shrink or pull off the nail.

It is easy to apply and easy to remove! Gel polish that are also suitable for nail art due to their pigmentation and texture.

Apply in two thin coats for deep and 100% coverage shades - close the edges of the nail!

Important note: Before purchasing and using J.-Laque gel polish, please make sure you have suitable drying lamps.

Our gel polishes dry only and exclusively in combined UV/LED lamps of power 48 W

If you are colored "shrinking," it is always a sign that the product has not been polymerized well.


  • Apply in thin layers.
  • Pay attention to how the clients keep their hands in the lamp (especially the thumbs).
  • Check the lamp and its power (make sure you use the correct lamps with the appropriate power). The lifespan of combi lamps is about 1 year (1.5 years), and on pigmented colors and glosses, you first notice their weakening, although they still "work."

Drying: combi UV/LED or LED lamp with a minimum power 48 W - 90 sec

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