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Easy One "Pink Star " - 15 ml
105,00 kn
Easy one - builder gel

Easy One "Pink Star " - 15 ml

105,00 kn
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About the product


Easy One is a line of self-leveling gels that are designed for "no file technique" or very little filing. For all fans of selflevelling texture gels - your favorites are finally here!

The Easy One line is made out of 6 types of builder gels :

  1. Quartz Clear (which is the most fluid gel , and the only one that is ALL-IN-ONE gel : base and builder )
  2. Milky Way (beautiful „frosty „ soft Milky builder gel -requires base under)
  3. Make up / Cover Pink (make up with exceptional pigment, builder gel , requires base gel under it )
  4. Pink Star ( specific pink builder gel with high coverage , requires base gel under it )
  5. Ivory ( soft natural white builder gel, requires base under it )
  6. Body (completely natural, cold tones cover builder gel , requires base inder it )

Advantages & how to use it :

  • Easy Level formula (self-leveling gels that don't leak into the cuticle when working, 2x2 fingers or one at a time paralel work)
  • Specially designed for quick salon work that does not require final filing after polimerization
  • Gels especcially made for "NO-file technique"
  • The perfect blend of flexibility and strength / quartz clear is the most fluid but also the most hardest gel , Cover Make up & Milky way are more flexible /
  • All gels are builder gels
  • excellent for natural nails as well as refill
  • not intened for making extra long nails on papper forms , due to the flexibility
  • Reduced burning sensation during polymerization
  • Ideal for refills
  • Very strong nail adhesion ( Quartz clear is base and build gel , Milky way and Cover requires clear base under them ! )
  • Beautiful natural colors of Milky way & strong pigment of Make up/ Cover Pink
  • Drying time : UV - 2 min, comby UV/ LED : 60-90 sec depending on the thickness of the layer

Easy One Pink Star -Highly pigmented pink builder gel with specific pink colour, ideal to be left alone as fillcolour or for babyboomer . Self-leveling gel, but thanks to its special properties - it doesn't run into the cutticle and leak. It leaves You with enough time to build a nail and make perfect nail shape . Pigment is extremely strong and will not be translucent after filing or polimerization . A gel that is extremely easy to work with for quick salon work for beginners and professionals. The most wanted colour in nail salons for make up version of natural look or for french base. It requires primers and base under / booster, step 1 or any other base /

Tip for easier application and no-file technique: after drying the base coat, apply a thin sliding layer of builder gel as a polish (do not cure ) and with a bigger quantity of the same gel -work from the cutticle area towards the end of the nail / „nail spine „/, then gently pull toward laterals / edges of the nail /,rotate the nail upside down for few seconds to create a nail shape that you don't need to file or file very little. (video on the official Fb site and in the group on FB Jana Nails Official)

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