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Genie in a bottle Unicorn tears - 5ml /big glitters & vitrage/
7,30 €
55,00 HRK

Genie in a bottle Unicorn tears - 5ml /big glitters & vitrage/

7,30 €
55,00 HRK
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About the product

Hope you are ready to be amazed with the new Summer 2022 collections that complement each other perfectly and can be combined for the craziest and most fashionable creations that will knock you off your feet.

Showgirl - collection Genie in the bottle / color gel / - magenta, pinky and special textures of our well-known Genie – thicker one , this time in a special pinky vibe .Fireflies as a summer color with extremely fine silver glitters, and Euphoria and Unicorn tears- colors that contains extremely large shiny glitters. The colors can be combined by coating over the neons in one layer and nicely apply large glitters to fit on nail , or as colors for themselves where you get the effect of "incapsulated „look of sequins inside the vitrage .

Let the party begin !!!!

A new product that will win you over as soon as you try it. A real life “Genie in a bottle” that makes all your wishes come true. Genie in a bottle is a liquid highly pigmented color gel that comes with an ergonomically made brush ready to use. Please read instructions before buying!

Genie in a bottle is NOT gel polish, and we strongly don't recommend it to use it on very soft soak off systems. It is liquid hard color gel, extremely pigmented with extra coverage and practical packaging with brush. Once You try it and get used to work with this kind of textures - it will stay there for ever!

- GIB is very high in viscosity but containing extremely amount of pigments for full coverage even in 1st layer! Apply it with brush lied down on nail, don't press too hard with brush and apply it smoothly and gently on nail. Be carefull that You apply GIB equally on surface and evenly spread.

- leave it for few seconds on nail to be assure it is evenly applyed and to be selfleveled (2 x2 finger at a time) before putting it into lamp

- most of the colors are 100 % covering from 1st layer (even nudes and neons!) but we strongly recommend to apply 2 thin layers for precise application.

- always try 1 before buying larger quantity

- GIB can be dryed ONLY in comby uv/led lamps of min pčower 48 W (it will not dry if you have lamp that is lower than 48 W and only uv)

- all of our colours from GIB collections are made and tested only for drying in uv/led lamps of min power 48 W. If You experience problems like "shrinking" or small bubbles after drying - please check if You have good lamp to work with, is power really 48 W (not just written it is), is the lamp old. This products requiores max power for drying as it contains very large quantity of pigments for fullcover at 1st layer. If You till have problem with shrinking, check thickness of layer applied and product quantity to be evenly spread on nail.

- use it on smooth surfaces (filled and very good buffed builder or acrygel)

- as it is product in a bottle, when You come to the end of bottle just turn it upside down and use last of colour inside

-for all other help and question, turorials and videos, please join our official support group on FB: Jana Nails Official group

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