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Hard One builder gel Blush Queen - 15g
15,93 €
Gradivni builder gel

Hard One builder gel Blush Queen - 15g

15,93 €
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Hard One: is a popular line among both nail professionals and beginners.

A new generation of gels with exceptional properties and characteristics.

These gels contain small particles of acrylic powder (flour granulation) and thus get the label of the so-called "flour gels," which disappear after polymerization and get a perfectly smooth end effect.

Hard one gels are not jelly-like or creamy in texture, but they are also not entirely honey.

They are 100% self-leveling gels that are applied to the nail and, in a few strokes with a brush, are very easy to shape, while not immediately merging into the cuticle like classic honey gels.

This special formula provides excellent adhesion as well as a lower percentage of breaking and bending of the nails due to its enhanced hardness.

Due to their properties, special formulas, and very easy manipulation with gel and beautiful colors, they are a top choice for experienced nail technicians, but also for beginners who do not yet cope with (too) runny or (too) thick gels.

Use: prepare the nail as always with a rasp, push the cuticle, and thoroughly clean any residue from the nail. Apply the dehydrator and preparation liquids (primer) and wait for everything to dry.

Apply the desired base gel and dry / Rubber clear base, Dura 1 step…. /.

Apply Hard One and shape into desired shape.

Drying: Uv lamp 36w – 2-3 min, komby uv/led: 90 sec

HARD ONE CLEAR - classic clear gel ideal for fast salon work.

HARD ONE BLUR - blurry color of a clear builder that can be used multiple times - as an extremely gentle ("invisible") overlay or as a blur effect on babyboomersor french. It mimics the natural color of nails on extensions and is ideal for an absolutely natural and invisible nail look.

HARD ONE DUSKY PINK - natural soft pinky color in a slightly more neutral tone, a combination of nude and pink colors with a sand undertone, great for anyone who prefers these natural shades.

HARD ONE LEGALLY NUDE - warm nude beige colors that are perfect for clients with warm skin tones.

HARD ONE COCONUT - builder gel with a specific shade of "white." It is not ultra-white or transparent milky white; it has a specific soft "coconut" white shade.

HARD ONE SO NATURAL - a warm, natural-looking color that is ideal for most natural looks.

HARD ONE BLUSH QUEEN - is a cover gel that has a pink, medium neutral undertone and is suitable for all skin types.

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